BRINGit is a transportable lamp for you who like to have a product with several uses. You can have this as an stationary lamp in your living room or take it with you outside. 

Its minimalistic design and simple figure make it blend in with its surroundings and gives you the freedom to place it anywhere in your home.

Project type: Semester Project, Individual

Focus: Design a product that would fit into SACKit’s lifestyle vision and make it charge with CHARGEit

Collaboration: SACKit, Denmark

Assignment: Design a product that would fit into SACKit’s product range 

Period: 2 weeks, December 2020

Some of the discussed designs

Design parth

This project started out as a group project, where the final product sprint was individual. 


Besides making a design to fit SACKit’s product range, this project also had focus on construction and production. 

This project focused on how to produce the plastic parts. To research on this, there was made contact to SCHUR and ENH, in order to get an prize estimation and tips on production.